1. Most holidays stress me out to an extent to be honest, and it's largely due to the same reason.
    So here we go.
  2. I've got some...pretty severe food issues.
    Somehow I will be making this list while not going TOO much into detail about that. Let's just say I haven't been able to eat anything for the most part without feeling at least a little bit guilty for about ten years.
  3. Most holidays are very food-focused.
    And of all of them, Thanksgiving is the worst.
  4. Usually before a holiday, I diet the week or so prior.
    This isn't really a good thing though because technically I'm already about ten pounds underweight. Like I said, food issues.
  5. There's just so much food (even for a vegetarian like me), and it's sometimes hard for me to exercise restraint on holidays.
    Everyone else is eating and being happy and not caring while I'm stressing over ever bite I take. I wish I could be different, that I didn't feel this way. It sucks.
  6. I didn't do as well this week as I would have liked.
    I wanted to lose about five pounds, but I only lost a couple. So now I'm worried even more.
  7. It really sucks though. I haven't fully enjoyed Thanksgiving in a decade.
    I guess that's just as well because Thanksgiving is basically commemorating a massacre. In the words of Buffy Summers: "It's a sham, but it's a sham with yams. It's a yam sham." You're not gonna jokey-rhyme your way out of this one, Buffy.
  8. Maybe one day it'll be different.
    I hope so.