2. Best Drama
    Nominees: Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight
  3. What I want to win/what I think will win: Manchester by the Sea
    Moonlight might win instead (which would be fine with me too), but Manchester by the Sea is my pick.
  4. Best Comedy/Musical
    Nominees: 20th Century Women, Deadpool, Florence Foster Jenkins, La La Land, Sing Street
  5. What I want to win/what I think will win: La La Land
    No question. This one's a lock.
  6. Best Lead Actor - Drama
    Nominees: Casey Affleck - Manchester by the Sea, Joel Edgerton - Loving, Andrew Garfield - Hacksaw Ridge, Viggo Mortensen - Captain Fantastic, Denzel Washington - Fences
  7. Who I want to win/who I think will win: Casey Affleck
    This one is tough. I could see Denzel or Andrew winning too, but I think it's going to be Casey.
  8. Best Lead Actress - Drama
    Nominees: Amy Adams - Arrival, Jessica Chastain - Miss Sloane, Isabelle Huppert - Elle, Ruth Negga - Loving, Natalie Portman - Jackie
  9. Who I think will win: Natalie Portman or Amy Adams
    This one is hard too. The Globes have proven they love Amy Adams in the comedy categories, but they love Natalie too, so I could see it going to either.
  10. Who I want to win: Amy Adams
  11. Best Actor - Comedy/Musical
    Nominees: Colin Farrell - The Lobster, Ryan Gosling - La La Land, Hugh Grant - Florence Foster Jenkins, Jonah Hill - War Dogs, Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool
  12. Who I think will win: Ryan Reynolds
    To be honest, I don't put much stock in the integrity of the Globes, and I wouldn't underestimate them seizing the chance to appear cool and edgy.
  13. Who I want to win: Colin Farrell
    I'd be okay with Ryan Gosling too.
  14. Best Actress - Musical/Comedy
    Nominees: Annette Bening - 20th Century Women, Lily Collins - Rules Don't Apply, Hailee Steinfeld - The Edge of Seventeen, Emma Stone - La La Land, Meryl Streep - Florence Foster Jenkins
  15. Who I want to win/who I think will win: Emma Stone
    Ryan was good, but La La Land is really Emma's movie - I just can't say enough good things about her performance. But don't be surprised if Meryl pulls out a win again.
  16. Best Supporting Actor
    Nominees: Mahershala Ali - Moonlight, Jeff Bridges - Hell or High Water, Simon Herberg - Florence Foster Jenkins, Dev Patel - Lion, Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Nocturnal Animals
  17. Who I want to win/who I think will win: Mahershala Ali
    Though it could be Jeff Bridges
  18. Best Supporting Actress
    Nominees: Viola Davis - Fences, Naomie Harris - Moonlight, Nicole Kidman - Lion, Octavia Spencer - Hidden Figures, Michelle Williams - Manchester by the Sea
  19. Who I want to win/who I think will win: Viola Davis
    A strong category, but Viola is more than due.
  20. I was going to do the television section, but I forgot and ran out of time. Oops.
  21. My predictions were way off.