1. I should start using face cream
    Like the anti-aging kind. I'm to the point where I need to start thinking about my skin. If I start now, I'll keep it looking fresh as I get older.
  2. I probably don't have to do that because men look "distinguished" as they get older according to society.
    But why does that same society tell women they have to work hard to make themselves look younger? What a double standard.
  3. Do ghosts exist?
    What kind of evidence is out there about this very important matter?
  4. Do you think ghosts get lonely?
    Like do they get to hang out with other ghosts, or do they walk the earth alone for all time? If they're in the same room as other ghosts, do they know it?
  5. I wonder what Sebastian Stan is doing right now.
  6. I wonder if Rachel Bilson calls her daughter Briar Rose by her full name.
    Or maybe she just goes by "Briar" or "Rose."
  7. Do these glasses make me look nerdy?
    And if so, is it in a cute way?
  8. Why do I like gingerbread cookies but not ginger snaps?
    Aren't they basically the same?
  9. I can't wait until Negan dies on The Walking Dead
  10. I bet Scott Eastwood isn't as conservative as his dad.
    He just seems more liberal to me.
  11. Would I rather have the power to fly or turn invisible?
    I think the latter.
  12. 🎶"Don't go chasing waterfalls..." 🎶
    Or some other song. That was just today.
  13. How old is too old to stop wearing bandaids with characters on them?
    Like Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Spongebob, etc.
  14. Do the kids these days even still watch Spongebob?
    Or is it more for adults by this point?
  15. Is Rey really Luke's daughter?
    Or is that just a red herring?
  16. Where did the expression "red herring" come from?
  17. I wish they'd bring Rugrats back.
  18. What do cats really think about people?
  19. How many confessions are coerced and thus lead to wrongful convictions?
    Probably a lot. That's a problem.
  20. I should really start running again.
    And playing soccer.
  21. Mortality is such a scary concept.
    Life is so fleeting. It just slips away, first like a drip and then eventually like a cascade.