1. So my mom had a girl's name (Kaitlin) picked out from the time she was 12, and both she and my dad really wanted a girl because they had a boy already.
  2. Alas, they got stuck with me (but eventually got their girl 10 and a half months after I was born).
  3. My dad wanted something Celtic because of his Irish heritage. Apparently my mother didn't care about her Italian heritage.
  4. There was a lot of trouble naming me apparently. My mom and dad couldn't agree on names.
  5. My mom wanted to name me Kevin or Zack, and I'm glad she didn't.
    I just don't feel like it suits me.
  6. My dad didn't really give many suggestions from what I understand.
  7. My parents eventually settled on Cory Mackenzie.
  8. Cory means hollow.
    Thanks mom and dad.
  9. Mackenzie means son of the wise leader
    So that's good at least, though I wonder if it was an ego thing on my dad's part.
  10. Secretly both my parents liked Christian better (as do I), and it was their top pick of a name.
  11. Buuuuuutttt they thought the other wouldn't like it and thus didn't suggest it.
    A+ communication, parents.