*only I still don't really feel better about it.
  1. Ranted to my friend, a fellow Millennial who voted for Hillary.
  2. Donated money to Planned Parenthood
    God knows they're going to need it.
  3. Read Hillary Clinton's twitter
    This actually just made me sad though, but like, in an inspiring way. What a classy lady.
  4. Avoided speaking to my parents
    They knows better than to call me right now. They raised three very liberal children, but of those three, I have always been the angriest, so they know I won't hold back since they voted for hate. A wise choice on their part (much wiser than their voting decision)
  5. Watched a lot of TV
    I watched Speechless, Modern Family, Survivor, Channel Zero: Candle Cove, and American Horror Story: Roanoke
  6. Went on a series of twitter rants/tirades/diatribes
    They ranged from mournful to furious to hopeless to devastated.
  7. Found solidarity in social media
    Most of the people in my day to day life are more conservative than I am (by a lot), but I have so many friends on various social media platforms (twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and List of course) who are like-minded, and that helped. It help me feel less alone.