Just because I hate these things doesn't mean I don't like you if you do them. I just don't like the way you text.
  1. First and foremost (and this is just a matter of preference), I hate when people use LOL
    I don't know why either. It's not the fact that it's an acronym because I use those too sometimes (I'm partial to tbh and btw myself), I just prefer some variation of "haha." I can only think of one other person who does this though, and this person happens to be my favorite person to receive texts from.
  2. I also hate when you type words like you and your as U and UR.
    Maybe this used to be acceptable before we all had keyboards on our phones, but...I just feel like there's no excuse most of the time. I mean, if my dad knew how to text, I'd give him a pass on this because he still has a flip phone. But he's literally the only person I know who doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard.
  3. I'm just being a nitpicky asshole now, but I don't like when people don't use proper grammar and punctuation and such.
    Like does it really take that much effort to capitalize things when necessary and throw a period or comma or whatever into your text? That person I mentioned in the first item even uses dashes and semi-colons, which is way more attractive to me than texting behavior has any right to be.
  4. K
    To me, if you reply with this to something, I have somehow pissed you off. Please don't use it unless you're trying to send me a message passive aggressively.
  5. It's fine
    See above.
  6. Now this is the big one, and it will take multiple bullet points to describe.
  7. I hate when you're texting someone, and they don't try to fit their message into a single text.
  8. Like I know sometimes you might have another thought after hitting send.
  9. So you type it in a new message and send an additional text.
  10. And sometimes you might even have a third thought.
  11. That happens sometimes and I understand - I've done it too.
  12. But you get the same people sending you multiple texts in a row.
  13. And so your phone keeps beeping.
  14. So you know that it's just the way they text.
  15. Yeah, I know that sometimes if it's a long message, it might be broken up to fit into the traditional text message word count.
  16. And that can't be helped.
  17. But please try to be as concise as possible in your messages.
  18. Not only is it much less annoying, it also sucks when you're replying to the texts before your texting partner is finished with their thoughts.
  19. So you are forced to send ANOTHER text in response when you receive an additional text from the other person.
  20. I have been forced to do that, and I always think, "I have become what I hate."
  21. So there you have it. This list is mostly just me being a dick - most people aren't going to care about this stuff. And if you do it, chances are I'm not going to ask you not to.
    I've tried to do that politely before, and it has not gone over well.
  22. Thanks for reading, you all are wonderful people.