1. Buying gifts
    Once in awhile, a great gift idea will strike me, but in general you have to tell me exactly what you want.
  2. Sports that aren't soccer
    Especially basketball. It's just embarrassing.
  3. Not killing spiders
    If I see a spider, I'm killing that son of a bitch.
  4. Not petting a cat I meet at someone's house
    Unless someone warns me that the cat is mean, and even then, I might still risk it.
  5. Being patient
    I have trouble with that sometimes.
  6. Replying to text messages
    I used to be a lot better at this, but more and more I'm annoyed by my phone, at least when it comes to text messaging.
  7. Sleeping
    Three hours in a night is considered a good night for me.
  8. Being a good friend
    I try, I just fall short.
  9. Looking at people's faces when I'm talking to them
    I'm better about this at work than anywhere else.
  10. Being able to tell if someone is flirting with me or is just being nice
  11. Not being hard on myself about what I eat
    So much food-related guilt, and I restrict myself so much (no ice cream, no popcorn, no macaroni and cheese, limited dairy, etc).
  12. Talking about my feelings
    This makes me extremely uncomfortable most of the time. I've always been a very private, secretive person, a trait that's only become more pronounced the older I get.
  13. Letting someone else take control
    I'm a legitimately OCD perfectionist control freak, so it makes me very anxious when I don't have control over situations (the more important and relevant they are to my life, the worse I am about this).
  14. Taking compliments
    I get all awkward and kind of mumble a thank you. A lot of times, I come across aloof or ungrateful, when really I just don't know how to react to praise.
  15. Expressing my emotions
    Somewhere along the way, I developed his habit of not letting people see how I feel. I don't allow myself to be overly sad, angry, excited, or even happy, even when such feelings are warranted. I tend to be relatively stoic, at least outwardly.