1. The election results
  2. Trump signs
    There are still so many Trump signs out. We get it, you won. Do you really have to rub salt in the wound? Some of us are actually upset by him being elected.
  3. Church sign
    There's this sign at a church near to where I live that says "Autumn Leaves. Jesus Doesn't." Now don't get me wrong, I love a good pun, but this one irrationally annoys me for some reason.
  4. My parents
    They're mad at me because we had varying opinions about the election. Of their three children, I am the one least likely to back down from them, and this led to a big fight. My mom purposely called my cell to leave a message when she knew I couldn't answer it (so she wouldn't have to talk to me), and my dad didn't even acknowledge my existence the last time I was at their house. Oh well. They'll get over it eventually. I just don't think I'm the son they wanted. I think I'm a disappointment.
  5. I don't feel like I'm important to people
    Lately I haven't really felt very important to other people. I know there are people who like and care about me, but so often I feel like an afterthought. I used to feel important, but it's been a few years (since a particularly brutal break up). I miss that feeling a lot. I'm not even explaining it right I don't think. I just feel like I'm a shadow in people's lives when I used to be the sun, and I want to feel that again.
  6. A stupid crush I can't get over
    Lately I've been engaging in some sort of flirtatious dynamic with someone. There are multiple reasons why this will never work out. I'm extraordinarily introverted while this other person is extroverted. This person is out of my league. Aaaaannnnddd the big one: this person is married (and yeah, I feel horrible about this. No need to judge me because I'm judging myself). So yeah, I need to get over this one.