Because I'm a freak apparently.
  1. Sloths
  2. Birds
  3. Whistling
    This makes me think of creepy things.
  4. Statues
  5. Mushy bananas
  6. Attics
    I can't even go in one.
  7. Mannequins
  8. Watery yogurt
  9. Hedges cut into the shape of people or other living creatures
  10. Ventriloquist dummies
    I don't think this one is so irrational though
  11. Porcelain dolls
  12. Praying mantises
  13. Small dogs
    Not large ones though.
  14. Monkeys
  15. Algae
  16. Large mirrors
  17. Venus fly traps
  18. Starfish
  19. Candles as the only source of light
    This makes me think of the (zombie) apocalypse.
  20. Leprechauns
  21. Horses
  22. Sombreros
    I associate them with scorpions because they're plentiful in Mexico. It is a very slim connection, I'm aware.
  23. Urban legends
  24. Ice sculptures
  25. Strobe lights
    These also make me nauseous
  26. Splinters
  27. Touching my eye
  28. Snakeskin
    And snakes, but that's not so weird.
  29. Chimneys
  30. Overly large piles of leaves
    I feel like someone or something is hiding in them.
  31. Lizards
  32. Snowmen
    Especially Frosty. What a terrifying story, am I right?
  33. ————
  34. I'm sure there are more.
  35. I'm so weird.