1. I have insomnia.
  2. This is a general representation of my sleep patterns (from my Fitbit)
  3. This is a slightly less horrible (but also less common) example
  4. The most I've gotten in like, months and months is 3 and a half hours or so, and that's only when I take an Ativan.
    I have not broken four hours since I've had my Fitbit, which has been something like eight months now.
  5. I'm actually kind of used to it.
    I don't always feel tired.
  6. This is my coworker's sleep pattern to show you how different it is.
    This is how a normal person should sleep.
  7. I've just got a lot on my mind and have trouble turning my brain off.
    My brain hates me basically.
  8. Right now I should be sleeping because I have to wake up in six hours.
  9. But I'm wide awake.
    I was falling asleep watching a movie, but now I'm not tired at all.
  10. So here I am playing with my phone, trying to tire myself out.
    I'll probably switch to playing solitaire because that usually puts me out.
  11. The problem is that even when I finally fall asleep, I'll wake up approximately five million times.
    Most of those "restless" parts of my sleep pattern are actually when I'm awake.
  12. So yeah, insomnia sucks.