In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are some characters who DON'T have the ye old Luck o' the Irish.
  1. Juliet Burke - LOST
    Don't get me started on Juliet Burke and how she deserved better.
  2. Maggie Greene - The Walking Dead
    I could put like half the people on this show on this list. She's now lost her father, sister, and husband, and none of them died because of zombies. All three of them were murdered.
  3. Marissa Cooper - The O.C.
    The epitome of bad luck.
  4. Britta Perry - Community
  5. Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy
    She's endured a mass shooting, a plane crash, multiple disasters, drowning, and losing her sister and husband tragically.
  6. Caitlin Snow - The Flash
    Her husband seemingly dies minutes after their wedding. Now she's a meta-human who can't control her powers.
  7. Destiny Rumancek - Hemlock Grove
  8. Erin Silver - 90210
  9. Spence Westmore - Devious Maids
  10. Angel - Buffy and Angel
    Angel has lost so much. SO MUCH. His very long life has been full of tragedy.
  11. Brooke Maddox - Scream
    First she was locked in a freezer and stabbed as she tried not to freeze to death, then her boyfriend is murdered, and then she nearly died after getting stabbed even more severely.
  12. Bertie Bauer - Love
    I guess this one depends on how you look at it. She almost died when that car hit her shopping cart. The key word here is ALMOST. Maybe it was good luck since she moved at just the right moment.
  13. Logan Echolls - Veronica Mars
    His father murdered his girlfriend, and then his mother killed herself. THEN his dad tried to kill his new girlfriend. Then he was framed for his girlfriend's murder.
  14. Alex Dunphy - Modern Family
  15. Trish Wellington - Harper's Island
    Her whole wedding getaway was just a ploy for her husband to kill nearly everyone she loved before killing her too.
  16. Barb Holland - Stranger Things
    A moment of silence for Barb.
  17. Winston Bishop - New Girl
  18. Alison Hendrix - Orphan Black
  19. Derek Hale - Teen Wolf
    Derek is like Teen Wolf's punching bag. I could just as easily have put Chris here too.
  20. Trish Walker - Jessica Jones
  21. Tara Maclay - Buffy
    She was always getting beat up and chased and brain sucked and stuff before a stray bullet not even meant for her ended her life prematurely.
  22. Deb Morgan - Dexter
  23. Laurel Castillo - How to Get Away With Murder
  24. Claire Temple - Daredevil, etc
    Always getting drawn into those idiots' shenanigans.
  25. Sue Heck - The Middle
  26. Hilda Suarez - Ugly Betty
    Justin's dad comes back into their lives only to be killed just as they were about to be happy again.
  27. Chanel No. 5 - Scream Queens
  28. The Baudelaire Triplets - A Series of Unfortunate Events
    The definition of bad luck.
  29. Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
    Has to deal with dead moms, a dad who's never around, psycho stalkers, almost dies from giving birth. And people are always leaving her. GIRL HAS BEEN THROUGH IT ALL.
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy