1. Buzz
    I used to get a buzz cut when I was younger, thus the nickname. I actually hated it, but that didn't matter, which should tell you a lot about my family dynamics.
  2. Mac (or alternatively Cory the Mac)
    My middle name is Mackenzie, so that's where the Mac comes from. No one really calls me this anymore. It was mostly my late grandmother and my Uncle Mike anyway, and since one of them is dead now, it's just my uncle.
  3. Number 2 Son
    My dad called me this for years because I'm the younger of his two sons (and also least favorite, not that he'd admit that) until eventually I told him it bothered me. Surprisingly, he never called me that again.
  4. Cordell (or Dell)
    I don't even know how this one started. Someone at school called me it once, and it just kind of stuck.
  5. Cor
    This has always been my most common nickname. People who don't even know me that well call me this even.
  6. Corky
    My friend Kacie used to call me this back during our days in Trig.
  7. Chorus
    Only one person at work calls me this, but it's regularly.
  8. Cornelius
    I once told someone my name was short for this (like on Boy Meets World), but it's not. Still, people called me it for awhile, and I forgot to tell the person I told originally that my name was not in fact a shortened version of this, so he believed for years that it was.
  9. Twig
    My sister called me this first because of my "twig-like extremities," and it's stuck. People still call me this.
  10. Twig Vicious
    Like Twig only a play on Sid Vicious
  11. T
    My sister and cousin sometimes shorten Twig to this. So yes, a nickname of a nickname.
  12. Tete
    Pronounced Tee Tee. My sister calls me this to my little nephew. He already said "mama," but I want his second word to be this. I'm working on it. If I can teach him to wink, I can teach him this.