I suffer from anxiety, depression, and OCD, so I tend to try and keep my mind occupied, especially when it's really bad. Some of these coping mechanisms are better than others.
  1. Organize/clean things.
    This is a big one. At work, if I have an episode of this I tend to clean A LOT (and it needed it the last time because I cleaned things that hadn't been cleaned in the six years I've been there). I also organize a fuck ton, especially at home. I've rearranged my movie collection countless times. Also putting my clothes away after doing laundry is an extensive process.
  2. Yoga.
    I don't do this as much as I should and never when other people are around. But it helps.
  3. Make lists/put this in order
    This is another big one. Usually the lists aren't anything especially important either, but it helps. For instance, I like to put episodes of my favorite shows in order of how much I like them, which is more complicated (the precise way I do it) than it sounds like.
  4. Write.
    I've been writing since I was 11, so working on my stories helps keep me occupied and distracted.
  5. Close myself in my closet.
    This one is not healthy, I know. But when I'm REALLY overwhelmed, I go into my closet and shut the door. It's not QUITE as bad as it sounds - I have a walk-in closet - but still.
  6. Play with my rubber bands
    I usually have several rubber bands on my wrists, and depending on my mood, I'll either play with them or snap them against my skin. Once in awhile this leaves welts.
  7. Watch movies.
    I have a few go-to movies that put me in a good mood. Off the top of my head, I can think of the following: Pumpkin, Elizabethtown, Clueless, Garden State, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lars and the Real Girl, Fanboys, and Never Been Kissed.
  8. Lay in bed and listen to music.
    If you see me doing this with my headphones on just staring at the ceiling, I am trying to block out the world, and you should NOT come talk to me. Thanks~
  9. I'm sure there are more, but these are what I can think of.