This week has been total shit.
  1. I got bronchitis
    I started thinking on Monday, "I think I might be getting sick" because I had a slight cough. Fast forward to Tuesday, and turns out it's bronchitis. I'm still not totally over it. Awesome.
  2. I worked 50+ hours
    This is not a bad thing in itself (I work two jobs and have done this before), but when you've got bronchitis, it blows. I couldn't call off because we're short-handed at one job and someone couldn't work at the other due to a legit family emergency. So that's been fun.
  3. I was forced to discuss a sensitive topic with someone at work
    It involves...certain food issues I have, and it was required for insurance purposes (long story), so that was fun too.
  4. I made a friend uncomfortable
    I don't really want to get into how, but it was basically me misperceiving a situation, and now it's weird.
  5. I got into a fight with another friend
    Over the stupidest thing too.
  6. I blew a tire out
    This happened today. I was just driving home from work, and boom. I don't know why it happened, I just know I'm pissed the fuck off. When it happened, I just thought "of course this would happen this week."
  7. Thank God it's almost over.
    Next week can't come soon enough.