1. Is Leviticus the only place in Empire's NY? Carole has been there every week twice!
    What is she so excited about?!
  2. Rhonda Minnie Mouse realness
  3. Anika keeps existing on this show, why?
  4. Laura gave up her dream for Hakeem?!? That was easy.
    This is the 5th of many bad decisions she has made. Cut and run, girl!!!
  5. Lucious - keeping his world's worst dad game strong
  6. I love flashback Cookie's looks!
    Door knockers for life - living for every look really.
  7. Billy Dee!!!
  8. Are the ASAs at Leviticus?!?
    Need more location budget next season!!!
  9. Of course Lucious has a panic room
    That doubles as a prison
  10. When Freda goes buck on the Lyons, I cant really blame her.
    Even without the drunk Carol reveal.
  11. I feel like this family has been in the hospital every other episode
    Location budget issues again?