Today's Election Day down under, and when you watch how elections are run and won in the rest of the world, it becomes apparent we really are the lucky country!
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    55 days is considered a long election campaign
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    Every polling booth has a sausage sizzle and cake stall. I had a hot dog, cupcake and can of drink for lunch while lining up to vote. It cost $4, and all money went to Animal Welfare League charity.
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    Voting is compulsory for over 18's so lines can be long, but at least you know nobody is missing out, everyone gets a say, even the apathetic
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    Even if the lines are long, the mood is always friendly, opinions are shared and differences tolerated
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    There's no security guards, metal detectors, bag checks - everybody knows the right way to behave
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    You feel like you've had a voice, even if your chosen party isn't elected