I turned 21 last Tuesday and am finally coming back to my senses.
  1. My asshole friends sang happy birthday to me at the bar we went to when the clock struck midnight.
    This resulted in free drinks.
  2. I drank them all and ended up getting kicked out of the bar for being "too drunk."
    Whatever that means...
  3. Then I threw up on the side of the freeway on the way home.
    And my friend peed.
  4. I woke up in my housing managers room with my head inside of a giant bucket.
    I went into his room thinking it was mine and threw up on his carpet. Definitely not getting that security deposit back. Sorry Matt.
  5. I showed up to see my family at the Cheesecake Factory the next day and they proceeded to roast me over how hungover and "gross" I looked.
  6. Then I slept until 8 pm and went to another bar.
  7. I had ONE drink with the squad and went back to find that our car was broken into.
  8. Then my sister dropped us back off at my house and I watched Arrested Development until 3 am.
  9. 21 has been pretty cool so far.