How My Summer 2016 Went

  1. I dyed my hair purple!
    Thus began the phase of "The Girl with the Purple/Blue/Colored Hair."
  2. I ditched my apartment and moved into a fraternity house on campus.
    I consider that house the main character of my summer. That house and those boys will always have a special place in my heart.
  3. I turned 21 and discovered my love for Guinness and Grayhounds and shitty fishbowls.
    I also gained 10 pounds, thanks alcohol.
  4. I gained friends I never thought I'd have and lost friends I'd never thought I'd lose.
    I felt true betrayal for the first time in my life. It was painful and I'm still carrying the weight today. But I also learned how to pick myself up and carry on with my life.
  5. I discovered my love for Irish people.
    I lived with about 15 of them and they were the kindest and most fun people I've ever met. All they ever wanted to do was have a good time. They showed me how to live my life again.
  6. I fell in love.
    It was a very short whirlwind of adventure and happiness. He moved back to Ireland and is joining the marines, but I'm grateful for the time we spent together. I'll list about it someday when my heart is ready.
  7. I went on vacation with my family for the first time in years.
    My mother had breast cancer last year and we couldn't go anywhere while she was going through radiation. This vacation is a celebration of her winning her battle.
  8. I aced all my summer classes.
    I was going to school full time, registered for the first time as a disabled student due to my trauma, and I KILLED IT and I'm so proud of myself.