Spoken by a naive 20 something year old
  1. Call a friend as soon as it happens
    It lets all your emotions out immediately. Make sure this is a friend who you can trust to see you in your most vulnerable state.
  2. Delete all texts, pictures, phone numbers.
    If they want to talk to you, they will reach out. The best advice my former womanizing dad ever gave me was to not contact a boy (or girl) that broke your heart. Don't give the person the satisfaction of knowing they are missed and being thought about.
    I don't understand how people don't do this!!!!! Social media like Instagram and Snapchat are all about capturing life's (mostly staged) greatest moments. Why do you want to be constantly reminded of the person who hurt you?? Nooo!!!
  4. Contact old friends.
    Especially if they're friends you couldn't see while you were dating your ex. The feeling of liberation and finally being able to do what you want will remind you that you're better off now.
  5. Put on something that makes you feel confident.
    Whether that be some lipgloss, leather shoes, a tight skirt, who cares. You feel better on the inside when you are comfortable in your favorite clothes. And getting compliments aren't bad either. 😉
  6. Plan something for the future.
    Maybe it's a brunch date for Sunday, or maybe a trip to look forward to next summer. Having something to look forward to in the future makes the present a lot easier to get through.