IT'S HERE! SECRET SANTA 2016! 🎅🏽📦🎄❤️💚

Coming all the way from Louisiana! 😱😱 thank you so much @jannychan and thank you @DawnCloud for setting this up and spreading happiness in our little community 😊💕❤️
  1. I came to my parents house after a long day of moving out of my place (again) to find this beauty waiting for me.
  2. So many lil treats!!
  3. Thank you to my fellow Bay Area homie @jannychan
  4. I'm going to have to hide this from my older sister who's going to Mardi Gras next year. It's too pretty and I need it to stay in my life.
  5. A cozy scarf for the DC weather I'm enduring in T minus two weeks. 😁
  6. A MUST for an aspiring professional woman/chronically late person such as myself.
  7. How did you know I've been using shampoo as body wash for like a week??
  8. "I got hot sauce in my bag." I definitely gotta hide these from my dad too.
  9. I'm going to be so purty with these 😍
  10. I'm so so happy because I lost my other pair of touchscreen friendly gloves 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  11. MY FAVORITE THING EVER! Purple and fuzzy socks for my perpetually cold feet!
  12. Guys she made this!! So beautiful!
    I love all the purple that's in this box. 😍💜
  13. Yummy!! A life savior considering the only "snacks" at my parents house are protein bars and flavored tea 😭
  14. So excited to read through these!! Perfect!
  15. My sister and mom had fun opening all the gifts with me. 😊👍🏽
  16. I forgot to photograph a few other things in my excitement. I can't wait to hang up the postcards in my new place and use all my planners during my internship and research semester.
    I love and I love Secret Santa! Until next year. 😊👋🏽