Requested by Amie

Items I'd Love To Receive In A Care Package

  1. Oh boy!
  2. M&Ms are my favorite!
    Especially the peanut and pretzel ones .👏🏽🙌🏽
  3. A book to take me out of my mundane reality.
    I've been bored with my daily routines lately.
  4. A beanie for my no shower days.
  5. Or if not, dry shampoo is my lord and savior.
  6. Something cute to hang on my walls?? Or a yummy candle?
    My room gets so depressing at times.
  7. Snacks on snacks on snacks 🙈
    I'm in college so I have extremely low standards for food.
  8. I've never received a college care package so literally anything will make my heart burst with joy!!!