Let's take a more positive spin on this now.
  1. Learned how to deal with a break up in a healthy way.
    I went through it and I survived. And I can do it again.
  2. Dyed my hair blonde.
    Spontaneous decision after my break up. Best decision.
  3. Decided on UC Berkeley.
    My parents have never been prouder and that is what makes the tears completely worth it.
  4. Held it together during the most stressful summer of my life.
    My mom having cancer, changing my life route, finding a place to live in Berkeley, moving out of my parents house, dealing with a mentally draining ex, constantly behind at work because I had no fucking supervisor assigned to help me and getting blamed for it. I managed to only cry a little.
  5. No year has brought upon more change and growth than 2015. I'm thankful for it.