Writing this list made my happy.
  1. I'm 10/10.5 years old.
  2. My aim username was stacyluvsmaroon5.
    I hate myself. My friends still ask me if I love Maroon 5. I don't, but "Songs about Jane" will always hold a special place in my heart. So will James Valentine.❤️
  3. My 5th grade teacher was Mr. Anderson and he was a character.
    He banned the word "easy" from our class in order to not make other students feel bad. I wish this were a thing in college too. He also taught me to never say or accept the word "sorry" because if it were true, the bad action would have never been done in the first place. I still think about that a lot to this day.
  4. Fueled by Ramen bands were basically my life.
    Listening to FOB's "From Under the Cork Tree" and Cobra Starship brings me back to such a fun and carefree time in my life.
  5. I joined the school band and decided to take up the flute.
    Ended up being first chair throughout middle school and high school. I will not be humble about this one. I am damn good at the flute. 👌🏽
  6. I wanted the LG Chocolate so bad but my mom wouldn't let me have a cell phone until I turned 13.
    Still prettier than the iPhone tbh.
  7. This series was my heart and soul and I about cried when they made a movie adaption of it.
    I carried a copy with me literally EVERYWHERE I went. Never left the house without the current book I was reading.
  8. Also, I was super into Green Day for some reason.
    I still only know the American Idiot album, I just thought I was super cool for listening to Green Day.
    MySpace.com/musikfreek101 (someone look this up see if anything shows up I'm way too scared).