This was also my first time being anywhere in Southern California that wasn't just Disneyland. It was also Emma's first time ever.
  1. We went to Huntington Beach the morning after we settled our bags in Long Beach. 👍🏽
    Honestly, the whole time I was thinking about how cool it was to be in the hometown of Avenged Sevenfold. I have no idea what they're up to anymore, but I kept hoping I would run into my high school husband, Synyster Gates. ❤️🎸
  2. Drove to the edge of the Newport peninsula.
    I believe this was called Jetty View?
  3. Went here and got a frozen banana!
    And saw that cars drove in the ocean to get to the island? Or they were taken on a boat?? I didn't pay for parking so I didn't stay long enough to actually see how they crossed. I'm actually confused as to what this area is called. Help! 🙈
  4. Corona del Mar!
    My favorite! So warm! We were too lazy to walk to Pirates Cove but we had fun lounging around. For some reason there's also no cell service here so I actually read a book for fun. 😃
  5. This was also the only time I stepped foot into the water and this is as far as I went.
    I HATE the ocean. I'm terrified of it and the thought of being swept away or bitten by something weird. I only swim in it if my moms holding my hand. I have zero shame about this.
  6. Emma wanted to photograph the gorgeous houses so we went up to Ocean Blvd to snap some pictures.
    The drought affected me a lot last year. I would start crying just at the sight of dead trees, grass, dried up plants, etc. It definitely didn't help that I work for a parks department either. I never thought I'd take sitting on healthy green grass for granted. It makes my heart so happy to see nature alive again.
  7. I went to Alta Coffee!!!
    Thanks so much to @emilyannlosey for the recommendation! I bought a sandwich for 5 dollars!! That's unheard of in SF!
    This is a very happy me. I drank it like water.
  9. It was so amazing here, but I must return to my beautiful Berkeley now.
    I love vacations and new experiences, but I actually get really anxious when I'm not around the Bay Area or can't see a skyline. I get homesick so easily. I miss my mom and puppy.
  10. Until next time SoCal!! ✌🏽️🌊🌴
    Can I say "SoCal?" Or is it like saying "San Fran?" (😷)
  11. P.S. I've never encountered such rude drivers before in my life, is this a thing here?? Teach me things, guys.