My Summer of Funemployment and My First Job out of College

  1. These past few months have been the most anxiety ridden months of my life.
  2. I graduated college with absolutely no idea where to turn.
    My old job told me I'd be free to come back after my internship in DC. Needless to say the boss man was an asshole and didn't let me come back.
  3. But enough of the struggle stories because I'M A PARALEGAL NOW.
  4. I start on Monday, and I'm hoping I never take my summertime sadness for granted because looking back, I've made some beautiful memories like...
  5. I celebrated my 22nd birthday in Disneyland!
  6. I got to give all the cuddles to my beautiful nephews.
  7. I spent two incredible weeks in Ireland with my lover.
  8. I mean....LOOK HOW GORGEOUS!
  9. I went to the fair and had a delicious corn dog and also I saw Smash Mouth with my best friend that day.
  10. I also saw Sugar Ray like the night before at another fair which made it a crazy weird 90s flashback weekend for me.
  11. I watched an unholy amount of SVU.
    I'm on season 12. 🙊
  12. And I woke up to this lovely face every morning!!
  13. One thing I didn't do...
  14. Is learn how to roller skate.
  15. Maybe next summer! ✌🏽