Thoughts at Philz
  1. This bitch at Philz coffee reserved the whole seating section for her meeting.
    She took the chair I was resting my backpack on, and made an old man sitting on the couch reading the newspaper move. But most importantly, my fucking backpack.
  2. Jenny Rivera Spotify
    There are so many songs to choose from and it's really stressful.
  3. Everyone is sitting really close to me at the community table.
    Because there aren't any more buffer seats due to reason #1. I can actually smell the tea belonging to the guy next to me.
  4. Scarves and flip flops everywhere
    60 degrees in California is confusing.
  5. I'm wearing a new lipgloss and there's no hotties around to see it.
    This is 18 dollar lipgloss I demand someone hit on me.