1. I have a lame passion for doing what is right and legal
    I may have been awarded with the "lamest older sister ever" title after shutting down my 17 year old sisters house party. But a ton of teenagers getting drunk in my house is not cool. It's unsafe and illegal for a reason.
  2. I want to be a role model
    Especially in a line of work that is heavily male dominated, I want to show girls they can be strong too.
  3. I want to apply my knowledge of legal theory into the law enforcement field.
    High ranking institutions should encourage their students to get into law enforcement to infiltrate the field with educated officers.
  4. I want to push education reform onto incoming officers.
    As I climb the ranks, I want it to be my mission to make sure every officer has a proper education coming into the field. Writing, decision making, communication, and responsibility are essential skills that not every 21 year old recruit can accomplish with a high school diploma and 6 months of training.
  5. I want to provide people with a sense of safety and compassion when they need it most.
    The most important part of the job.