It's difficult for me to admit my shortcomings and (what I feel are) failures, but I've grown more this semester than I have my whole life. I look forward to more "failures" and chances to improve with every semester that faces me.
  1. Getting my first B+ in college
    Yeah my straight A streak is ruined.
  2. Constantly getting Cs in Chinese
    The feeling of mediocrity is new to me, but I've accepted it slowly.
  3. Getting rejected for the Huang Program
    Summer program that would have paid for me to attend school in Beijing. I wasn't qualified enough to be selected and it hurt.
  4. Constantly canceling on people
    Let's face it, I was too exhausted and sleep deprived to hang out with friends. Still felt like a jerk.
  5. Going back into the shadows at work
    I shined during the summer. It's hard to stand out only working 2 half days a week. My confidence took a hit.
  6. Letting heartbreak take over my life
    I should have never picked up the phone.
  7. Letting boys back into my life
    Self explanatory