1. I have my adolescence and juvenile justice final tomorrow morning
    Why does 8 AM exist? Just...why?
  2. I feel fairly confident, which I know is bad.
    Every time I feel confident going into a test I never do well.
  3. So I'm debating pulling an all nighter
  4. Thinking about pulling an all nighter makes me feel so tired already
  5. But my roommates are doing it, so I might as well.
  6. In 12 hours I'll be free of this semester but it seems so far away
  7. Every time I want to call it a night, the fact that this final is 45% of my grade jumps back into my head.
    Cue: stomach turning anxiety, heart pounding, hands sweating
  8. Trying to push away that percentage by reminding myself that I'm smart. I'm here for a reason.
  9. I got this.