What I've Been Up to in D.C.

  1. Protesting the militarization of public spaces.
    This was right after my roommate and I walked through the middle of a pro trump rally. White women weren't too happy at my sign. I told them to educate themselves.
  2. Marching for my sisters around the world.
    I had completely lost my voice from the day before. Worth it.
  3. Making new friends.
    I got up extra early to get a free joint before the inauguration. I was too impatient to wait in line and ended up just walking and talking to people from all over the country and it was the most friendly and welcoming event I've ever been to.
  4. Marching on #ADayWithoutImmigrants.
    I marched for my parents and my family and the struggles they continue to face as Mexican immigrants. I'm proud of them and will never let anybody take away their legacy.
  5. Falling in love with NPR.
    I hate guided tours but this was so fun and their offices are so aestheticly pleasing to my eyeballs.
  6. Loving Georgetown and it's cupcakes.
    We waited hour in line outside to have dessert before dinner. Worth it.
  7. Falling in love with New York City.
    Why have no jobs called me back yet?!!??
  8. Enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Philadelphia.
    I was making It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia references the ENTIRE time. I was that tourist.
  9. Loving my Irishman who comes from Longford for the weekend just to see me because he's the greatest person to ever exist.
  10. Meeting some blacked out Secret Service officer at a bar.
  11. Touring the Pentagon and making my mom cry when I sent her this picture.
  12. Missing my girl. A lot.