Inspired by @AnnaBorgman
  1. They provided me with the free health care and the education I needed when I became sexually active and was too scared to go to my family doctor.
  2. They provided me with free birth control pills, condoms, hell, freakin lube and all with a smile on their face.
  3. When I went to go get blood drawn for an HIV test I unexpectedly fainted, and at least 4 employees came to check on me to see how I was doing.
    I'd never felt so genuinely cared for by a team of specialists.
  4. When I came back the next week to try again, they already had crackers and juice ready for me in case I fainted again.
    They casually had me talk about my day so I wouldn't be thinking about the needle. It was over in about 10 seconds and I didn't even realize she had stuck the needle in. They're amazing and gentle professionals.
  5. I feel safe and comfortable talking about them with anything concerning me health wise and never feel judged.