5 Photos On My Phone, Chosen at Random

  1. Me, in a kimono.
    Sakura Matsuri 2016 at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. This was the first year I had a kimono to wear.
  2. Random NodeSchool participants.
    NY JavaScript meetup running NodeSchool sometime in 2016. I participate as a mentor for these.
  3. Pikachu and Togepi
    Used while sending a friend a "Happy Birthday!" message.
  4. Attendees of the Bernie Sanders rally at Washington Square Park, NYC
    April 2016, I was stuck really far in the back during the rally but actually had a great time just being there with other people stuck back there.
  5. MTA service announcement
    If I see these, I'll snap a picture as a reminder and share with others I know who take the same line. Usually I delete them after the dates pass but I apparently forgot this one.