Moments From Google IO Extended at Google in Chelsea, NYC

  1. Everyone getting ready for the morning introductions.
    #io16extended tweets flashing on the big screens.
  2. Breakfast items.
    This ended up being not the best idea because I actually got full before a great lunch two hours later.
  3. Our fun and helpful MCs.
    They didn't refer to themselves as MCs (I don't think) but that's the only word coming to mind.
  4. Ben Fried talks about the Google NYC campus.
    And endures confusion regarding slides with grace.
  5. Google voice commands are getting more and more serious.
    The general feeling of the event was that, despite all distrust and efforts to avoid it, I will end up having a vocal conversation with Google in the near future.
  6. Google wants everyone to be informed voters.
    And spends a lot of effort making sure you can get a manageable amount of information about every political candidate naturally as you look them up.
  7. This Donation API was really great.
    Google handles all of the paperwork, tracking, transactions, and sends the money to your chosen charity with no fee.
  8. Ah AMP, I already know a bit about you because I work with ads, which you are very opinionated about.
    Google AMP makes mobile sites fast - You've probably seen some of them if you've clicked on those promoted articles at the top of a search result.
  9. I completely sympathize with this slide.
  10. We actually had to walk around in escorted groups so I didn't get too many looks at the actual office.
    This hallway is maybe the most office-y thing I saw.
  11. Time for lunch, two hours after breakfast.
    Giant cafeteria filled with really good free for.
  12. Too bad I (and many others from what I heard) were still pretty full.
    There was curry, roasted chicken, burgers, and other things I can't remember. Every food item has allergen information on a card above it, along with all components.
  13. The view outside, some attendees are eating lunch on the patio.
    Chelsea is so pretty. (=
  14. So, the Google office in Chelsea has truck elevators built in. That is a truck serving food.
    Google bought the building recently. It was once Port Authority, with spaces for vehicles and people. Thanks for that bit of trivia Ben Fried!
  15. Another rare moment of seeing something kind of office-y outside the elevator.
  16. You can always count on Google for cool swag.
    There's a water bottle in here also.
  17. We returned to this awesome mobile game.
    You mark a pretend piece of paper with a stamp from where you are, fold it with swipes, then make a throwing motion to launch it.
  18. Participants from all of the Google IO Extended events made planes.
  19. You can catch other airplanes after flying your own and add your location stamp to their plane.
    Such an odd and beautiful sense of community to touch a piece of data that others across the world are touching while playing the same game together.
  20. BlueMarble ice cream during the break.
    Oh my God, there's so much food.
  21. I enrolled in the Android N Beta program during the keynote speech and got my update shortly afterward.
    Can't wait for split screen!
  22. Hmm, forgot to add a shot of my badge.
  23. And then more food, presented by friendly servers.
    Everyone was super nice but wow, I really couldn't eat anymore.
  24. Oh good, that makes me feel better about all the pictures I'm taking.
  25. The BlueMarble ice cream people.
    Who tried to give me their Twitter handle but I'm weird and only use this app for anything resembling social networking. I did tell them about though!