Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

The weird red tint on some of these comes from Twilight, a great app for reducing the amount of blue light you are exposed to at night which helps you keep your circadian rhythm healthy.
  1. Google Maps result for Atrio
    Working out where to go eat with someone, I have the habit of sending a screenshot along with the link because people can be lazy.
  2. Invite Info for a NY Primary watching party
    I think this was a reply to, "What are you doing tomorrow?"
  3. Amazon shipping details
    I found the hairspray my roommate was searching for and bought it for him. At first I thought it might be a good surprise but then I decided it was better to share the news so he didn't waste his money if he found it himself.
  4. Time Warner Cable doesn't get along with my apartment.
    Because of horribly confusing apartment unit numbering in my building, my Time Warner account gets disabled everyone someone moves into a specific unit two floors beneath me (the new resident inevitably mixes up their number with mine and Time Warner assumes I moved away without cancelling my account.)
  5. My Android wallpaper
    The wallpaper is actually an image from concept art for a video game I'm developing. It looked so good as a wallpaper that I started sending all my friends a screenshot of my home screen.