Things I Have Now That My Family Couldn't Afford During My Childhood

A nice reminder to look at everything I've accomplished and not take some simple things for granted.
  1. Walls with color.
    I drew pencil sketches of stars and other random shapes and lines all over my bedroom wall but all I really wanted was to paint the walls. My parents never felt we had money to throw at making perfectly good white walls another color.
  2. Seasonal decorations outside of major holidays.
    We had a Christmas tree and a Jack-O-Lantern but that was about all when it came to decorating for the year. I delight in decorating seasonally, even when holidays aren't on the horizon.
  3. Personal hygiene products that are non-essential and not the cheapest variation on the product available.
    Arguably many beauty products are non-essential. To my family, a razor and a brush were essentials. I very distinctly remember having to use those horrible pink generic razors (these were hardly good for their first use) for months. And it wasn't until I was an adult that I learned that there was more than one kind of brush. Now I have actual facial cleaners and soap that doesn't come in a bar that makes me smell like my father.
  4. Going to the movies!
    Seriously, I love seeing movies in the theater. My father did the best he could and got pirated copies of various upcoming movies from a friend that worked with him. ... Which I admit, that was pretty awesome and I love you Dad.