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If we were living our dreams we would be realtors. Since we're not living our dreams, the next best thing is to look at beautiful houses on TV.
  1. House Hunters
    This show is great because it lets us look inside lots of beautiful homes to get ideas for our future dream homes. It also makes for great "background TV." It's the perfect show to turn on when you just want something on the TV while you repeatedly check your phone and fade in and out of a nap.
  2. House Hunters International
    Same as #1 except the houses are in exotic locations, they have tiny kitchens with toy sized appliances, and they all come magically furnished!
  3. Beach Front Bargain Hunt
    Gives us hope that maybe one day we can own beachfront properties on our meager social service salaries.
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  1. Erika's brief stint as a stay-at-home mom is over.
  2. While joining @list was Jamie's idea, Jamie relied heavily on Erika for material as Erika is funnier and had a little more time to devote during the day.
  3. Erika's new venture is as a therapist at the local prison, and she can't bring her phone into the prison.
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We're struggling with making our lists. Tell us what's on yours.
  1. Hamilton cast recording
    Suggested by   @leahgayle
  2. Why Not Me? By @mindy
    Suggested by   @vailerin
So basically we're listing songs that aren't church hymns or old classics such as "I'll Be Home for Christmas."
  1. 1.
    Last Christmas - Wham!
  2. 2.
    River - Joni Mitchell
  3. 3.
    I Never Knew The Meaning Of Christmas - *NSYNC
    If it were up to Jamie this whole list would just be every song on this album.
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  1. Kate Winslet
  2. Salma Hayek
  3. Mindy Kaling
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Because everything was just a little more magical in the 90s including the school supplies.
  1. Fuzzy Pens
    Made popular by Clueless.
  2. Trapper Keepers
    Obviously these were much cooler than a standard binder.
  3. Gel Pens/Milky Pens
    You weren't shit if you didn't have a desk full of these bad boys. The milky ones were beautiful but not the most practical choice since they really only show up on black paper.
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This list is all Jamie who was raised on soap operas. And then Jamie had to explain the terms "ship" and "canon" to Erika who's never been a part of any internet "fandom." Cue the humiliation.
  1. Robin and Patrick - GH
    My favorite and longest running ship. I'd watch GH again in an instant for this coupling.
  2. Sami and Lucas - DAYS
    My first big ship. I was 15 when DAYS put Sami and Lucas together after their near decade long feud.
  3. Sheridan and Luis - Passions
    Passions was a crazy ass soap opera. They were star crossed lovers kept apart by the most inane plot devices.
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  1. Moths
  2. Spiders
  3. Dolls coming to life
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  1. Walmart is the McDonald's of the big box stores.
  2. McDonald's is the Walmart of fast food.
  3. They're basically interchangeable.
Sometimes bad things happen to the food that we eat. These are our stories.
  1. Grub worm salad
    Once upon a time Erika got a salad from a grocery store salad bar. While eating it she thought she saw something move. Upon closer inspection she spotted a small, white, grub type worm that was wiggling and writhing its way through the tibouli. Also....it was her birthday. However, the store was very apologetic and she was given a $50 gift card which was not spent on the salad bar.
  2. Pizza topped with bone
    While Jamie was enjoying a Walmart, Marketside brand pizza she unexpectedly crunched into a rock hard shard of an unidentified substance. Upon further investigation she was disturbed to find out that the offending piece was a hunk of bone! Her complaints to the customer service line were rewarded with a check for $5.
  3. Pretzel stick wrapped in hair
    Jamie once celebrated New Year's Eve (with Erika) by biting into a pretzel stick at Applebee's which was garnished with an 18 inch long, dirty blonde hair. They brought her a new order of hair-free appetizers but by that time the festive spirit of the evening pretty much been killed. Happy New Year 🎉!
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