Use this how-to guide to learn the basic humble bragging styles and techniques to use on Facebook and soon everyone you know will understand what a big deal you are!
  1. The World Traveler
    Ask yourself, why go on vacation? If you answered, "so other people can see all the cool places I've been," then you're right, and you're well on your way to mastering the World Traveler technique. While on a trip it's important to take as many pictures as possible and upload them immediately! Don't soak in the moment and enjoy yourself for too long lest your cyber audience miss a second of having your fun shoved in their face. *For bonus points take multiple selfies with large tropical drinks.
  2. The Happy Couple
    If you're in a relationship it's important to let everyone know about it and how great things are going! Changing your status to "in a relationship" is not enough to really brag on yourself and your partner. The best way to humble brag about this is to repeatedly post about how blessed/lucky you feel for your ultimate perfect and amazing soulmate. That way you seem truly humbled by your good fortune, but it also serves the point of saying "look at me and my relationship!"
  3. Look What I Can Do
    Whenever you achieve something in your life such as graduating from school or getting promoted in your job, sure it makes you feel good inside, but wouldn't you feel better if everyone else knew how smart you were too? Take pictures of yourself with your diplomas and certificates and post them freely. If you get a promotion make sure you list out your complete new job title, and then say that you're shocked that you were picked for this great honor!
  4. Look At My Stuff
    Just did a kitchen remodel? Don't want to outrightly brag about it? Just take a picture in front of your new granite countertops and post away. Your curious friends may comment and ask what you've done to make your home look so lovely and then you've been given the go ahead to gush away! Move into a larger house? Post the Zillow listing on your profile. This will give people a photo tour of your new palace and show the asking price of your house, but you can act like you didn't know that!
  5. The VIP Friend
    Did you have a friend recently get engaged or find out they were pregnant and they told you first before making it a public announcement? What an honor! But how will others know of your superior friend status? You're in luck, there is a way! Wait until they publicly post on Facebook and then grab your opportunity by saying something like "Whew, I'm so happy I can tell people now, it was hard keeping it secret!" Others will be overcome with envy that you were in the know first!