Because everything was just a little more magical in the 90s including the school supplies.
  1. Fuzzy Pens
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    Made popular by Clueless.
  2. Trapper Keepers
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    Obviously these were much cooler than a standard binder.
  3. Gel Pens/Milky Pens
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    You weren't shit if you didn't have a desk full of these bad boys. The milky ones were beautiful but not the most practical choice since they really only show up on black paper.
  4. Lisa Frank
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    Everything made by Lisa Frank represented a magical, rainbow colored world we all wished we could live in!
  5. Mr Sketch Scented Markers
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    Their slogan should have been "a great way to introduce young kids to huffing!"
  6. Yikes Pencils
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    "They write like other pencils but they make you go YIKES!" That was their actual slogan.
  7. Pencil/Pen Grips
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    Like a fun outfit for your pencil to wear! Plus it helped prevent the weird blister thing that could develop on your finger after long days of writing with an actual pencil.
  8. Shuttle Pens
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    For when a pen with a single color of ink just wouldn't do!