1. When you're planning on watching your favorite show but then a stupid sports program runs long and ruins everything.
  2. When you make specific requests while placing your order at a fast food drive thru only to drive off with your order and discover that they gave you a totally standard, non custom order. I said no lettuce!
  3. Additionally, when you get a fast food order and then realize that they didn't give you a straw or any utensils or napkins. This is a rampant problem. Trust us, we eat a lot of fast food.
  4. Sorry, one more fast food pet peeve. When someone is ordering inside a fast food restaurant and they act totally confused and ask multiple questions about what each item looks like/tastes like/consists of. It's fucking McDonalds and you're 45 years old. You mean to tell me you've never eaten here?! Just pick what size fries you want and move on!!!
  5. When you're talking to someone in person and they abruptly answer a phone call or text without even saying "hold on" or "excuse me". Sure, we all know that we live in a very phone-centric world but there should still be a place for basic courtesy.
  6. When people are too trashy to get their cats or dogs spayed/neutered and the animals just keep inbreeding with each other and producing sickly, sad offspring. These people should not have pets.
  7. The same thing as before but replace "cats and dogs" with "people" and replace "pets" with "children."
  8. When you make plans with someone and they change the plans but then fail to communicate the change to you. So rude. You know all they've been doing all day is staring at their phone like the rest of the world, why couldn't they take a 30 seconds to text you?
  9. When someone pulls out in front of you while driving only to immediately slow down and turn. Thanks for making me slow down, jerk!
  10. When someone you don't like suddenly loses 20lbs and is now hotter than you.