If we were living our dreams we would be realtors. Since we're not living our dreams, the next best thing is to look at beautiful houses on TV.
  1. House Hunters
    This show is great because it lets us look inside lots of beautiful homes to get ideas for our future dream homes. It also makes for great "background TV." It's the perfect show to turn on when you just want something on the TV while you repeatedly check your phone and fade in and out of a nap.
  2. House Hunters International
    Same as #1 except the houses are in exotic locations, they have tiny kitchens with toy sized appliances, and they all come magically furnished!
  3. Beach Front Bargain Hunt
    Gives us hope that maybe one day we can own beachfront properties on our meager social service salaries.
  4. Love It or List It
    No matter what the original house looks like or how bomb the potential new houses are, Erika is always rooting for the family to "love it." This is based on her belief that the family's current home has "feelings" which will be hurt if the family moves. Yep....and she's a therapist.
  5. Flip or Flop
    Another of our dreams is to be a wildly successful house flipping team so obviously this show resonates with us. A bonus of watching this show is that the guy on this show, Tarek, is kind of hot, and although his wife Christina is essentially a blonde Barbie doll who we want to hate, we just can't because she actually seems pretty cool.
  6. Property Brothers
    If nothing else is on HGTV then sometimes we get stuck watching Property Brothers. The concept of the show is fine but those creepy ass twins kind of ruin it for us. Why do people think they're attractive???