We've been drinking so this will be...probably just ok.
  1. The Mindy Project
    This show is our gospel and there will be more lists about this in the future. Also, @mindy reigns supreme.
  2. Scandal
    Team Jake. That's all we've got.
  3. Modern Family
    A funny show, but we both identify more closely with The Middle.
  4. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
    He's cute. But we'll never be over Jon Stewart.
  5. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
    Man, oh man, did we ever bond over this show. A weekly self esteem boost.
  6. Roseanne
    As time goes on, we're becoming more and more like her. And we're okay with that.
  7. Beverly Hills 90219
    We just found out this week that we've got a Brenda vs. Kelly thing going on.
  8. Cougar Town
    We were never more thankful for TBS than when it rescued our beloved cul-de-sac crew for an additional 3 seasons. Change approved!
  9. Whitney
    Canceled too soon. Why can't we find Season 2 on DVD?