This list is all Jamie who was raised on soap operas. And then Jamie had to explain the terms "ship" and "canon" to Erika who's never been a part of any internet "fandom." Cue the humiliation.
  1. Robin and Patrick - GH
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    My favorite and longest running ship. I'd watch GH again in an instant for this coupling.
  2. Sami and Lucas - DAYS
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    My first big ship. I was 15 when DAYS put Sami and Lucas together after their near decade long feud.
  3. Sheridan and Luis - Passions
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    Passions was a crazy ass soap opera. They were star crossed lovers kept apart by the most inane plot devices.
  4. Jack and Carly - ATWT
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    Jack and Carly were each other's "true north." They were THE couple of the 2000s on As The World Turns.
  5. Shawn and Belle - DAYS
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    Shawn and Belle actually predated my ship for Lucas and Sami, but it was never the same after Disney Channel darling, Kirsten Storms, left for General Hospital.
  6. Theresa and Fox - Passions
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    This was short lived. The actors were actually married in real life for a few years.
  7. Alison and Aaron - ATWT
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    This pairing was even more short lived but 17 year old me adored them.
  8. Jack and Phyllis - Y&R
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    These two are just better together.