Take a sip of your drink (unless otherwise listed) whenever:
  1. Mindy says "Exsqueeze me!?"
  2. Beverly doesn't recognize/know the name of one of the doctors
  3. Danny wears a wife beater with a gold chain
    Take two shots because this look is so unattractive.
  4. Morgan mentions his grandmother
  5. Mindy says "How dare you?!"
  6. Annette says something rude to Mindy
  7. Tamra references Cousin Sheena
  8. Danny speaks in a thick New York or Italian accent
    Take just one shot for this because he's been using it so frequently since the onset of season 3 you don't want to die of alcohol poisoning.
  9. Mindy eats cookies, candy, cakes, donuts or pie
  10. Jeremy references his sad, lonely upbringing
  11. Mindy's hair is an obvious wig