Brace yourself for crayon related feelings of nostalgia.
  1. Macaroni and Cheese
    Aef128d5 f2ee 44cd af88 45538979e36d
  2. Asparagus
    6193a170 7101 4e12 8203 6f3e442a6c3f
  3. Wild Blue Yonder
    997cb38a 9f34 4aaf b22c 675f9d79ff4b
  4. Inchworm
    C0c46860 5266 487b b5aa 797910d2b9ca
  5. Purple Mountains' Majesty
    Cbc95b5f c26c 42e3 a587 46e737138f21
  6. Shamrock
    4cf89961 d894 49f5 893a bbe3c8e91897
  7. Jazzberry Jam
    Bb2c3e2f b0e7 454e 94b9 8f921377f541
  8. Cotton Candy
    04def1c8 f305 4117 931e e858f9e33f7d
  9. Fuzzy Wuzzy
    Db97045d d91b 4baa 9166 8cd5d90db46d
  10. Tickle Me Pink
    4eb1f85e c4ac 4051 8526 362c304d4f65
  11. Razzmatazz
    3c7d9ef7 fdae 456f 94de eb4bd7c0f8f1
  12. Outer Space
    E514da10 5a90 42a8 9096 2c8a1fae39c2
    Suggested by @bekah