I love this list. Sorry it got a little long, but I have lots to smile about.
  1. Magic Kingdom with this guy
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    How can you not smile at the grin on that face on a day filled with magic!
  2. Royal Family Kids Camp photo 2015. Because I will do all I can for each and every one of those kids to have a great week where they learn that they are loved by the Father and they are WORTH IT.
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  3. Annual bday photo of my nearest and dearest at a table in a Mexican restaurant because these are my favorite things--good friends and great tex-mex
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  4. Cuz I'm a TV nerd and I got to sit in the Friends' couch w my own friends. A picture for the ages
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  5. This because it means there is a world in which I wake up and food is prepared then I lay by a pool while someone cleans my room then. I go dress up, let people take my picture, eat chocolate melting cake then go to bed and repeat it all again the next day
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  6. We all need that person who's got your back no matter what. And because we are holding a giant key--it was a themed photo booth
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  7. Because to him, I deserve a crown.
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  8. This because I believe this is where hope is born. And I get to have a small part in that by being a teacher
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  9. This because it reminds me I have lifelong friends that I may only see once every blue moon but our friendships are forever. And the Jesus statue is in the selfie, how many other people have that in their selfie
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  10. This because When I see this I know there is a Creator, and He is the best at creating. No situation is beyond his reach.
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