1. Crud, @dfly hasn't posted anything new.
  2. Maybe I should follow more people?
  3. I guess I'll explore some other users
  4. Not funny
  5. Not funny
  6. Not funny
  7. Hmmm...this isn't working.
  8. There's a short supply of funny people in this world
  9. I'll just look through the people that @dfly follows and see if I like any of their lists
  10. No
  11. No
  12. Not so much
  13. There's gotta be more than one consistently funny person on this app
  14. Just gotta keep looking
  15. Okay, this is starting to feel like research and I've never been good at that
  16. I feel myself giving up
  17. I mean...is it so terrible to only follow one person?
  18. I guess I don't really NEED to follow anyone else.
  19. Yeah, I'll just wait for @dfly to post again