1. That time when I got blackout
    I was only at this party for like 2 hours and it ended with me face planting into the front yard and my mom drove me home and I had a grocery bag hooked over my ears so I wouldn't vomit in the car
  2. That time when I cradled a handle of Malibu all night
    First time drinking. I pre gamed with PBR. I got in the hot tub. I was the youngest person there by 3 years. My friend was rubbing my back while I was vomiting and I told her to stop because her hand felt "like a Bears hand rubbing my back too hard leave me alone bear hands"
  3. A Marriott in Green Bay Wisconsin
    Red wine -> Rum -> Vodka -> Beer and I didn't have a bottle opener so I used the edge of the bed frame except I was so gone that I wasn't doing it properly so I ended up shattering the bottle heads and I woke up the next day with my mouth all sliced up from drinking from broken bottles (and I got mad sick)
  4. Slap the bag
    My friends made me drink red wine straight from the bag like I couldn't even maintain the class of drinking out of the franzia box they literally pulled the bag out and made me chug from it
  5. The other time I got black out
    I don't remember anything but I went to the gym the next day and a girl on a treadmill stopped me to say she "enjoyed talking to me at nicks last night" and I had no idea who she was so I'm assuming that night was rough