I started this years ago to remember where I ate something really good. It changes at times so this is May 2016. This is in no particular order. And it cannot get bigger than 13. If I find something new one of these gots to go.
  1. Carne Frita , Puerto Rico
  2. Escargots @ scampie's Curacao
  3. Raw pork on a bun , Düsseldorf
  4. Roti in Suriname
  5. Toasted bagel with cheese and onion s , Tel Aviv
  6. Ceviche de corvina , Panama
  7. Jamon Serrano , Santo Domingo
  8. Smoked Marlon Salad , Jamaica
  9. Choriqueso taco/ taco al pastor , Mexico City
  10. Smoked eel on a bun , Hamburg
  11. Indonesian satay, Suriname
  12. Cheese cake , Haifa
  13. Curried Lambie (conch), Grenada