My events of today
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    Birthday party
    So, my day started of with a 5 year old's birthday party, she is the little sister of my best friend (Jordan), and she (Ember the 5y/o) invited me so I came home early from San Antonio to be there today. It was worth it.
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    Present time
    At this grand party Ember got a Barbie Dream house. We had to put it together. So this is a picture of Jordan (and I) putting together this Barbie house. We were more than fascinated with how cool kids toys are. This house had a "TV" in front of a couch. If you put your phone in the stand it held it. These Barbies can watch movies!
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    Late night after party
    Monopoly is only a good choice of game if your friends are not offended easily. For anyone who hasn't played the game; 1. What the heck? 2. The goal is to make your friends go bankrupt and you win by having all the things and they have nothing and can't pay you anymore. Monopoly. But these are my monopoly victims, and two friends I love a lot. I'm glad I got to take their money and spend time with them again.