for all of the basic bitches looking for good captions for their selfies.
  1. "hi 👋🏽"
    yep, because nothing screams hello more than a big ass picture of your face on my phone screen.
  2. "i dont really like this pic but im posting it anyway" just confused.
  3. *random ass emojis*
    yes, because a taco has to do with a picture of yourself smiling in front of a window for better lighting.
  4. "i actually dressed up today so i took a pic as proof"
    still looking for a fuck to give on this one...
  5. *insert quote here*
    "dream a dream you once dreamt while dreaming." no.
  6. "i'm better off without you.."
  7. "candid!"
    nope, definitely planned.
  8. *deep song lyrics*
    beyonce is acceptable. other than that, i dont want to see that shit on my feed.
  9. "just a random pic my dad took today!!"
    nope, because you posted about ten other pictures from the same day you were hunting in the woods.
  10. "i post way too many selfies #sorrynotsorry"
    intervention time.